Terms of Use

  1. Any subscription at One-Click.in and Post-Easy.com is based on the sole discretion of the subscriber.
  2. Every client is expected to read the instructions carefully on the services provided before placing the subscription order.
  3. Subscription is based on time periods of either 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.
  4. If in any case a subscriber wishes to extend his/her subscription, he/she will be provided with an added benefit in the form of services.
  5. If in any case a subscriber wishes to cancel his/her subscription before the subscription period ends, he/she should submit an email to admin@one-click.in
    • After receiving the request for cancellation of the subscription, the Admin team will de-activate the account within 48 hours.
    • The amount paid for the duration of subscription will be forfeited if the reason for cancellation of subscription is not bound by the pricing policy of One-Click.in
    • The client will be have 10-days duration to re-activate their account after cancellation of subscription and will be charged not less than 10% of the entire subscription cost for the services added due to the entire process of cancellation and re-activation.
    • On re-activation of their account, the balance amount of the subscription will be deposited back into their account that will be utilized for their subscription charges.
  6. Any post made through the registered account at One-Click.in will be entirely the sole responsibilities of the account holder.
  7. Every client is expected to keep their account information confidential.
  8. One-Click provides no information of their client to any other party irrespective of how important and critical it may seem.
  9. Any dispute with the external link other than One-Click will be the sole responsibilities of the registered account holder.
  10. One-Click will in no case involve in any form of calling customer for sharing confidential information. If you received any call or mail requesting confidential information, please write to one-click immediately at dispute@one-click.in
  11. Anyone found indulging in hacking, trying to acquire information, sharing information of fellow client, their account will be terminated immediately.

For more information on One-Click terms and condition, please contact us at info@one-click.in

Where are We?

One Click Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

No: N (Old 416/45), 28th C Cross

4th Block, Geetha Colony

Jayanagar, Bangalore

Karnataka, India - 560011

Email: info@one-click.in


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